Standout marketing for passionate small business owners to increase visibility and sales.

Being overwhelmed and struggling to manage everything in a small business is understandable. But before you collapse in a teary heap, you have choices.

Standout marketing is what Little Artisan Marketeer is all about, helping you to level up in your marketing and become more visible.

Because being visible helps you build a strong brand, get noticed, remembered and trusted.

And being you enables customers to get to know what you stand for and why you do what you do.

So they chose you.

And as if that was not amazing enough, you can choose whether I teach you how to do your own standout marketing or I can do it for you.

You small business brand is your superpower so what are you waiting for?

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Helping other small businesses stand out in their market place is the reason I set up Little Artisan Marketeer.

Without any jargon or fluff. Just hard work and real business solutions

Transparent and affordable pricing

And I am happy to teach you how to do your own marketing or I can help you do it – you choose what is best for you.

Please read for yourself real testimonials from other small businesses that I have helped

FREE Marketing Workshops

I am happy to teach FREE what I know about social media, branding etc because they are important for small businesses

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Why? Because it gives us both a chance to see if I can helpno strings attached

Small Business Marketing Support that is Individual

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