It is your time to be fabulously visible, shouting your message from the rooftops and showing what makes you distinctly special.

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You are passionate about what you do, have a fantastic customer offer and know your small business is amazing. You just need a few more customers. A marketing strategy that works for your small business.

Imagine no more playing small, being hidden or best kept secret. Where your customers find you because you stand out. And where you feel confident in attracting your ideal customers though marketing strategies that you are comfortable with, are fun and easy to do.

No more procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed or being uncertain. Stand out from the crowd.

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Hi, I am Lisa, a Small Business Champion and Marketeer. I am passionate about taking your amazing small business from best kept secret to shout from the rooftops. Crafting your message and developing marketing strategies that you are comfortable with so you get seen and heard through organic marketing.

All by identifying the sparkle that makes you distinctly special. It is what I do so you stand out from the crowd and shine. Oh and did I mention developing a marketing strategy for your small business that is easy to do. How does that sound?

And you will benefit from practical marketing actions based on over 25 years’ major brand experience as well as building my own successful small business. I have got you!

Why be like the rest?

Let’s get started x

“It was such a simple process and Lisa was so generous with her knowledge and experience throughout so I am now so much more confident. Thank you Lisa and if you are thinking of investing in yourself and your business, I would highly recommend working with her.“ Sonia Todd, Owner Pilates Gallery

Using over 25 years big brand experience, to help your business succeed.

And now I have the pleasure of working with amazing small business owners like you

Small Business. Marketing strategy small business

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their lives and for you that sparkle is what makes you distinctly different. So get ready to be uniquely you, shine and stand out through discovering marketing strategies that feel right for you.

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One size does not fit all and there are no cookie cutters with me. Just simple proven marketing strategies that feel like having coffee with friends, who are eager to find out what you can do for them.

It really is that simple, to develop marketing actions that plays to your strengths, whether you love to work with customers in real life, love being in the online world, love being on camera or any other way you choose. Because playing to your strengths makes marketing easy and means developing a plan that builds your business where your ideal customers find you.

“Lisa is such a great ideas woman! She’s approachable, knowledgeable and really lovely to work with. Her brain storming sessions are always productive, often highlighting areas of untapped growth previously unidentified. She’s such a star.” Kerri Williams, The Heritage Crafter

So where to now?