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Life can get complicated, especially when you are running your business, oh and doing your best to promote it so you stand out, get seen, get heard and get bought from. Me. Marketing strategy small business

Doing everything on your own? Spending loads of time on marketing but not getting enough sales? Procrastinating because there are too many people giving too much advice?

⁠⁠I know from talking to lots of small business owners, that if there is one thing they could get rid of, it is marketing and social media. But there is another way my fabulous small business buddy. To develop marketing strategies that not only play to your strengths but make you stand out and you are comfortable to do because they are easy to implement.

Because I was always taught to do what you love to do

The person behind that philosophy is my lovely grandad. Every day he would put his three-piece suit on and if he was going outside, his pork pie hat too. I can still picture him clearly now because growing up he was my hero. Sitting at the kitchen table, helping me with my homework every day, well when I say help, it was more of making me laugh to remind me not to take life too seriously.

He taught me to treat every day as a gift, do what you love and to laugh until it hurts.

Now I wake up happy and get to do what I love to do every day – marketing. And it is my pleasure to help you fall back in love with your business through marketing that suits you.

‘Who Knew!’

Ah the title of my book (well once I sit down and write it anyway) because it describes my daily life. I love to learn every day and I am constantly amazed by what happens when you challenge yourself. Who knew being part of the small business community would be amazing? Who knew waking up every day happy and getting to do what you love to do would be this brilliant? Who knew vanilla ice cream and soya sauce would taste so good? And taking risks is fun because ‘who knows’ what will happen.

And I do wake up happy and get to do what I love every day, developing marketing strategies for amazing small business owners based on who you are and what you enjoy. ‘No one size fits all’ or ‘this is how I did it’ because you and your small business are unique so need a tailored solution to enable you to stand out from the crowd.

And yes I share proven tools and techniques, which is my pleasure to do, as part of building marketing strategies that works for you.

The Background Stuff

Over 25 years experience in marketing and business development, spanning business to business and business to consumer, across multiple industries. The depth and breadth of my marketing knowledge and experience goes beyond simple marketing actions. And means I have a tool box full of marketing strategies, from building a customer base to engaging and connecting through to encouraging them to buy again and again, and becoming raving cheerleaders for you.

Whether you are a big or small brand, it is the combination of marketing strategies and actions that leads to growing the business you love to work in every day.

One thing has always been consistent, I have been passionate about what I do and whether it has been developing a new consumer product, leading a major marketing programme or coming up with a solution to a marketing or business issue – it is about asking the right questions and challenging the norm.  And what extra sparkle I can bring to ensure it stands out to attract customers. And to be able to apply what I know to the small business world is just amazing and makes me do my happy dance.

Trusted by Amazing Small Business Owners

I now combine my marketing and business development background with the skills I have learned in developing and managing my own successful small business. And it is a pleasure to help owners within the local small business community.

Small Business. Marketing strategy small business

“Lisa is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is innovative, creative and extremely giving and over-delivers at every opportunity. I have used Lisa many times for help with my branding and my creatives. I can’t recommend her enough, she is truly amazing!!!” Lynne Thomas The Business Builder Online

If you are a passionate, action taking entrepreneur, you are definitely in the right place.