Brand Packages

Brand Packages

Whether you are just starting out or have an existing business, you are in the right place.

Because I can help you build your brand so it is compelling and appealing to your ideal customers.

You are already unique as noone else is exactly like you and your uniqueness is your superpower 🦸‍♀️.

To support you in your superhero marketing, you have a choice of brand packages.

POW package £250

You are feeling overwhelmed giving it you all but do not know what is working?

POW is a detailed analysis of your online and offline marketing. From your website to social media to email marketing and any written material.

The results identify what is working well and how you could improve to generate customers and sales. Including those all important quick wins.

Kind words from Michaela Greene Business Owner Buggle Betty Productions

“We reached a point where we were unsure as to how to build the business, reach more potential buyers and increase our sales. Lisa gave us some great ideas, the focus needed to move forward and the knowledge we required to be able to market with confidence.
Lisa has been lovely to work with, friendly, good-humoured, professional and I can honestly say she went beyond and above expectations in order to help. Would highly recommend her services.”

WOW package £500 – (can be linked to POW or standalone)

You want to be more visible to your ideal client but how do you know whether your marketing is getting you the results you want?

WOW helps you level up your brand.

By identifying your brand strategy to give you standout in your market. Who you are, what you stand for, who you help, how and with what.

To get you noticed, remembered and trusted so you become your ideal customer’s first choice.

All it takes is a relaxed interview to understand more about you and your business. Then the hard work is down to me to bring that to life in a compelling, standout way. And finally I put it all together in a tailored strategy which is easy to understand and to implement.

I will then teach you how to implement so you can build you confidence in planning and implementing your marketing activity (including social media. Or I can do it for you (subject to an addition monthly cost).

Kind words from Shara Soraya Neal , Jewellery Business Owner Atelier.No8

“I attended a couple of Lisa’s free marketing workshops with my daughter as I was working on setting up my family business.  I liked her open approach and that she genuinely wants to help other small businesses.  Since then I have worked with Lisa on developing a brand for my business where she helped us develop a clear positioning for my unique, hand crafted jewellery pieces. Thanks Lisa”

KAPOW copywriting package £500

You are finding it exhausting to come up with new content or simply do not have the time.

KAPOW is serious standout time with your bespoke content messaging strategy to get noticed, remembered and trusted.

Just 60 minutes of your time so I can get under the skin of your small business. After which I will deliver your tailored content strategy, including your marketing proposition, strapline and content messaging plan you can use month after month.

It will be easy to implement or I can do it for you (subject to an addition monthly cost).

Kind words from Tamara Abigail, Business Owner Creative Coffee Hub

“Lisa has been such a great help. I cannot recommend her service’s enough 😊.
Great insightful advice on social media and photography. She has really help my business transition into this new phase of selling.”

KAPOW Image package £500

The most powerful and quickest way to get visible is through your images.

KAPOW Image is a great way to redevelop your brand to level up your marketing to get noticed, remembered and trusted.

Just 60 minutes of your time so I can get under the skin of your small business. I will develop your brand style and guidelines to ensure your brand message can be consistently communicated across all your brand and marketing activity.

After which I will develop bespoke marketing templates and deliver images to provide daily pictures for a month’s worth of social media. They will also be able to be used across other marketing channels to represent your brand (as standalone or as part of your templates (providing double the options of images to use).

It will be easy to implement or I can do it for you (subject to an addition monthly cost).

Kind words from Andrew Campbell, Business Owner MHW Mobility

Lisa’s attention to detail is incredible, she really listens so she understands your business at the first time of asking and just executes everything to perfection. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Little Artisan Marketeer again, you shouldn’t either.”

BOOM package – £2500

Launch of a tailored brand that stands out and appeals to your ideal client (new or redeign of an existing brand). Unique to you and brilliantly expresses what your business is all about. To show the world how amazing you are.

Developing your brand vision to define your ideal customer profile, your niche and your overall brand message.

Capturing your brand values and defining your brand story, enabling the identification of your brand power and your unique offering. Resulting in a powerful brand guide.

And translation of your brand into logo, themes, images and brand patterns. Leading to a bespoke website design, social media assets and templates.

Finally the launch strategy to ensure customers know you have arrived and communicating your compelling offer.

All this to include teaching you how to create unique content and get your brand truly visible.

Kind words from Linda Tomlinson, Business Partner, Melonbox

“There is so much to do when first setting up a business and getting your name and brand out there is a minefield for someone with little experience in that area. Lisa made it feel easy and straightforward and held our hands as we went through each step of the process.

She took time to understand me and my business partner, and our business and put together information that was a reflection of us, so it felt right. The biggest compliment I can pay Lisa is to say that it felt like we had a third member of our team during that time. She is an absolute pleasure to work”

Superpower Formula

How can your brand get you standout and be your central plan to increase sales?
Your brand is what can make your small business special.
It is not your colours or logo.
It is so much deeper than that. And I will help you find it.

Before you get on the blower with me (zoom or whatsapp call in normal language), you will find you have a stalker as I see what you are doing today and how you are doing it.

First off, I will help you work out what makes you different so you will have your own unique brand positioning, including your tagline. Then how you can visually translate that so you have amazing images supporting your brand.

And then ideas for your content messaging to reinforce who you are, what you stand for, what you do and who you do it for.

You will have a marketing approach to standout in your crowded market for the sum of £150.

Kind Words from Kerri Williams, Business Owner The Heritage Crafter

“Lisa is such a great ideas woman! She’s approachable, knowledgeable and really lovely to work with. Her brain storming sessions are always productive, often highlighting areas of untapped growth previously unidentified. She’s a star.”