Mindful Crafts Case Study

Mindful Crafts Case Study

It has been a real pleasure to get to know Helen from Mindful Crafts. We met when I attended one of her fabulous craft workshops back in mid 2018 and I have the pleasure of still knowing her and calling her my friend.

Over time, I have attended a number of Helen’s workshops and we would chat about each other’s businesses. And it has been great to see how Mindful Crafts has become even more successful as Helen has grown and expanded her offer. As part of this development, she wanted to further develop her brand and liked the images I use for my own brand.

The start point of reviewing any brand is not about the logo or colours used, it is much deeper including what you stand for, your values, knowing who your ideal customer is and how you want to communicate. In Helen’s case she had this covered, with a clear customer proposition about mindfulness, with an example being “art & craft workshops perfect for creativity, mindfulness & being in the moment”. She knows who her ideal customer is and her messaging reflects her personality.

So the only area which I could support is her photographic style. The images you use reflect your brand, for example, pictures that are dark, out of focus, hard to see or irrelevant do not help your brand positioning. In Helen’s case, it was just about refining the style.

One of My Photos From Helen’s Workshop

Helen had been fascinated at how I would place items in a workshop before I took a photo (which I would share on my own social media). So I taught her how to use composition – the placing of objects to create interest in a photo and some of the easy tricks to use. As well as the importance of background (something often missed by a lot of businesses), where you consider what background would enhance the photo.

A large business will often employ a professional photographer and a stylist (as their expertise in dressing a shot is well sought after). As small business owner we are the photographer and the stylist (as well as the accountant, systems expert, operations specialist etc!).

I was able to share my knowledge of styling a photograph, including key areas to focus on and ensure you build consistency on how you present your brand. The next step was Helen developing her own style – which she has done a fab job on!!

Previous Brand Photography Style

Mindful Crafts New Brand Photography Style

I am very proud of how Helen has developed her photographic style and so pleased that I could help.

 “Your advice has been amazing! You have made such a difference to our brand xx 

Helen Brewer, Mindful Crafts