Work With Me

Work With me

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your small business, giving it your all?
It can be really hard work to decide what marketing you should be doing.
And working out what makes you special and different from everyone else.

Biscuit standout marketing
Standout Marketing

The good news is that you can achieve standout.
Through having an amazing brand and clear messaging.

You can develop your own style so customers notice you.

You have a superpower.

You are unique.

So you just need to be you in your marketing 😊.

And I can help, either teaching you how to do your own marketing or I can help you do it.

My role is to understand your business, the market you operate in, your objectives and business issues so I can identify actions and solutions.  In a small business, the key is to spot opportunities quickly and be agile enough to respond so it can be as short as a few hours work. 

Transparent and affordable pricing are at the core. There are no retainer costs or lengthy contracts.  I agree costs up front so there are no surprises.  And if a job starts to expand, I will agree next steps and related costs. 

And finally if I do not think I can help you, I will do my best to suggest who possibly could.