Work With Me

Work With Me

I am beyond excited you are here. Because you want to find a different way to grow your business. In my world, it is as simple as meeting a new person in a coffee shop and having a relaxed chat where you leave having made a new friend.  Where your new friend chooses to buy from you because you understand them and have an offer they cannot resist.

Marketing is about connecting and once you do that, the rest as they say is easy. My job is to develop your stand out message and build marketing strategies that you feel comfortable with and are confident in implementing. So you end up with a completely tailored approach. And there are 3 different ways to work with me (mainly because I love doing things in 3s and psychology backs me up!).

Marketing Packages

A suite of, yes you guessed it, 3 options designed to review what you are doing already and define your messaging to make marketing easy, in a ‘done for you’ way. With this option, I do most of the hard work so if you are super busy it is ideal. Once I have developed your marketing strategies and actions, I explain what I have done and why. At this stage we bid each other a fond farewell. Although, be warned, most of my customers get hooked at this stage and come back for more because they start to fall in love with marketing their own business!!

Analysis Package is me becoming your stalker (in a friendly way obvs) so I can identify quick wins and how you could enhance your existing activity

Message Package where I build your tailored marketing strategy to give you standout in your market, based on what you enjoy doing naturally

Copy Package, last but by no means least, serious standout time with your bespoke content messaging strategy to get noticed, remembered and trusted, where I deliver your tailored content strategy, including your marketing proposition, strapline and content messaging plan you can use month after month. Think of it like having your own copywriting bestie

“We reached a point where we were unsure as to how to build the business, reach more potential buyers and increase our sales. Lisa gave us the focus needed to move forward and the knowledge we required to be able to market with confidence. Lisa has been lovely to work with, friendly, good-humoured, professional and I can honestly say she went beyond and above expectations in order to help. Would highly recommend her services.” Michaela Greene, Buggle Betty Productions

Marketing Best Buddy

Whatever your marketing issue, I will work with you to find the best tailored solution for you. How does it work? We talk through the marketing problem you have so I can provide a proposal on what I can do to help you (including time and related costs). Once you are happy with the solution proposed, the work begins.

This is a great way to get my eyes on a specific activity or issue you have, from a PR opportunity to how to launch a new offer.

“There is so much to do. Lisa made it feel easy and straightforward and held our hands as we went through each step of the process. She took time to understand me and my business partner, and our business and put together information that was a reflection of us, so it felt right. The biggest compliment I can pay Lisa is to say that it felt like we had a third member of our team during that time. She is an absolute pleasure to work” Linda Tomlinson, Melonbox

Done With You

Imagine, working side by side to get stuff done. You chose whether you want to work 1-1 or in small groups. The ‘Secret to Shout From The Rooftops’ 5 Step Signature Programme is for existing businesses who are committed to levelling up, want to stop the overwhelm and are passionate about being seen and heard by more customers and delivered working 1-1 and in small groups.

Or join one of my marketing workshops to learn how to identify your brand message through to how to write a month’s worth of social media content in half a day.

“I definitely feel like I am on my way thanks to your help and advice my wonderful business owner. You will not go wrong if you listen to this amazing, talented and knowledgeable lady”. Jayne Taylor, Taylord Crafts