Doggy Go Walkies Case Study

Doggy Go Walkies Case Study

As a major dog lover, Kerrie approached me as she had decided to set up a dog walking business. Her own dog had been her inspiration, an adorable British bulldog called Reggie. She has reared him from a pup and he is a huge part of her family, adored in equal measure by herself, kids and husband. Reggie is definitely the star of the show.

So I got a call to say she come up with a name for the business (Doggy Go walkies) and wanted support in developing a marketing strategy, plan and help designing and building her website.

Before we met, I researched the market. As a major fan of dogs too I wanted to understand how the competition in her local area marketed themselves, which is a great process to go through as you may be able to quickly identify how you can stand out (whether you are a start up business or and existing one).

Most of the competition had professional websites and clear offers. Although I quickly identified that their offer was based around the service they provide and those services were very similar (dog walking, puppy visits, trips to the vet etc).

To gain standout, I developed a simple marketing line “caring for your best friend”. I recommended Kerrie stand out against her competition based on her joy of looking after dogs. Why? Because the majority of dog owners view their pet as part of their family (and often described as the owners best friend or furry child).

The pitch to prospective customers would be simple

“Hi my name is Kerrie and I love all things dog. I am a huge animal lover, as my best friend Reggie would tell you – who is Reggie – he’s my gorgeous British Bull Dog. I appreciate that I need to treat each dog in my care as an individual so you have the comfort that I genuinely care about your best friend..”

I also recommended that Reggie play a major part in marketing activity. He is gorgeous in photos and shows that Kerrie’s business is as much about Reggie making friends with the owners dog as it is about dog walking.

Doggy Go Walkies strands our from the crown because the business is all about your best friend and not the service that can be offered to you. Simple and powerful.

The best theme extended across all marketing material, from website to facebook and instagram (note: Kerrie no longer uses a website). It is Kerrie’s major point of difference and appreciated by her customers (through the positive feedback she has recevied).

I also worked with Kerrie on her messaging to ensure ‘caring for your best friend’ was consistent. And helping her on the story was easy to identify as she is so passionate about her own dog Reggie and had trained him from a pup. Doggy Go Walkies is an extension of what Kerrie did naturally and the ability for other dogs to socialise with Reggie was a benefit too.

And humour is important, with Kerrie including a picture of the receptionist who answers the phone.

My final recommendation was for Reggie to have his own social media as he is such a character (I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one!!).

“Thank you so much for all your help and support from the initial chat brainstorming ideas to complete and launch! May our friendship continue. Would highly recommend Lisa, she has masses of experience in the marketing and new business sector, has a natural flair for art and design, very creative and can explain everything”

Kerrie Hipwood, Business Owner, Doggy Go Walkies